You may have noticed the inactivity of The Caddy’s Review over the past month-or-so. Well, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of the blog.

The past few months has seen the completion of my degree and the attainment of my first job; it’s been a whirlwind period but a gratifying one at that.

Some of you will know, but many will not, I spent three years studying a BA Hons Sports Journalism degree at Staffordshire University, culminating in a First-class grade, and I am moving on to a role as a Creative Writer at Gymshark.

I firmly believe The Caddy’s Review has been paramount in all of that.

But as one door opens, another must close. For all the enjoyment and reward that the blog has provided, my full focus must now be put into my career. The Caddy’s Review played a huge role in my life over the past two years and I will miss it dearly.

In October 2016, I created the site on the sport I am most passionate about as a supplement to my degree, an outlet for my writing and a means of communication with fellow golf fans. The Caddy’s Review provided me all of that and then some.

Whilst the social media grew stagnant over time it provided a cherished platform to interact with many of you. And with that said, the success of the website exceeded all my expectations; over its 22-month and 263-post life, The Caddy’s Review earned over 60,000 site views, reaching over 44,000 of you across 102 countries.

For reading my work, for supporting the blog which supported my degree, and for helping me to build an outlet that has been crucial in landing a job I am so delighted with, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I hope The Caddy’s Review has provided valuable information, engaging insights and light-hearted entertainment for all readers. And to all those who grew irritated by the ‘spamming’ on forums (I’m mainly talking to you, Redditers), I can only apologise… but, hey, I needed to get my work out there somehow.

Again, to each and every one of the 44,072 of you – whether you waited on tender hooks for each and every article or whether you only stumbled across the site once – a heartfelt thank you.

And for the last time, The Caddy’s Review is signing off.

(By the way, it’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational this week. The entire world’s top 50 are in action. Enjoy.)