Less than a week after it was revealed that Sky Sports, and therefore the UK, had lost broadcasting rights to the PGA Championship, British golf fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

The PGA of America revealed to The Guardian that the deal with Sky Sports had ended and they would not be covering the fourth major of the year; without a broadcaster, the UK was without coverage of the event at all.

The aim of the PGA of America is to make the event the most watched golfing major worldwide, and so what better fit than the free-to-air BBC who will now take full broadcasting rights of the PGA Championship in August in the UK.

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The organisation was impressed by the BBC’s coverage, reach, website and social media making for an easy decision when looking for an alternative broadcaster on the far side of the Atlantic.

The deal, according to The Telegraph, will span beyond this year alone with a multi-year deal and shows the intent of the PGA of America to improve their reach as they take a financial hit in order to increase their audience.