Rory McIlroy has come out in full support of the PGA Tour’s stricter approach to drug testing as of October this year.

The Tour has announced that, as of October this year, it will introduce blood-testing as well as a reformed list of banned substances – aligned with that of the World Anti-Doping Agency – and the European Tour is expected to take the same stance in the near future.

At the Open Championship last year McIlroy insisted that golf would need to include blood-testing in its anti-drug procedures if the sport was to become ‘mainstream’; he also pointed out it would be very easy for he, or other professionals, to get away with the use of Human Growth Hormone under the sport’s current methods.

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Unsurprisingly, therefore, he is in full support of the PGA Tour’s intentions to improve the safety of the sport’s image.

“If we’re not blood testing we’re not doing all we can to make sure that golf is a clean sport, so I obviously welcome the news,” McIlroy told the Daily Telegraph.

“If golf wants to be a sport in the Olympics, it needs to get on board with everything that all the other sports do as well.

“I really don’t think anyone should be fearful as I don’t think that golf has any sort of drug problem at all. You have to be so careful about what you take, but that’s part and parcel about being an athlete.”

Currently playing in the Travelers Championship, the Northern-Irishman finds himself three-under-par after his opening round.